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There is no ideal format for meetings. What actually happens will depend on a number of factors including the size of the group, the needs of the children, the gifts of the leaders and the time and resources available, however, here are some essential qualities of an effective group. The Scripture Union group needs to be:

Bible Based

The teaching programme each week should have a clear theme, focusing on a single Bible truth, and the various parts of it should enable the group to discover, understand and respond to that truth. Flexibility and creativity are important so try to vary the methods you use from week to week and maintain the element of surprise. Be creative! The Bible is exciting and it’s important to bring it alive. It helps the young people see how relevant it is.


Being relevant is key to attracting young people and helping them to move on in their journey of faith. Enable the young people to have ownership of the group, allowing them input into the direction and content. That way, you know you are covering things relevant to them. Get to know the young people! It will be much easier to be relevant with them when you genuinely know and care for them.


It needs to be fun, fun, fun! Successful groups have pupils coming to them because they WANT to be there, whether it’s a fast paced programme, a chilled out drop–in or a Bible study. Remember that the group will be meeting either during lunch break or immediately after school. The atmosphere should be relaxed and informal and the programme should allow time for the group to chill out and have fun together. Run the group that’s right for the young people and not just for you. Sometimes this will take a little more effort but it’s definitely worth it. 

Effective groups have a strong sense of community, with shared memories and experiences. They provide a safe space for diverse young people with all types of needs and backgrounds. 

Effective groups are visible in the school. Does the school know that you meet? Can the young people find where you meet? 

Effective groups have leaders who engage with God and listen to Him. 


Scripture Union England & Wales have Schools Live which provides Bible–based resources for Christian groups in schools and offers a wealth of activities and ideas for work with children and young people. These include a weekly programme outline, with plenty of activities to choose from, free of charge. An archive of hundreds more activities and ideas is also provided. 

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Schools Ministry Conference

This is an event that seeks to inspire and support Christianity in our school communities 

A day conference with keynote sessions, a full seminar programme led by passionate and experienced communicators, and an exhibition area brimming with resources and ideas; this conference aims to inform, equip and inspire you.

Cluster Groups

Cluster groups are a well known part of school life and we at SU recognise the value and need for support for SU leaders. For the past number of years, cluster groups have enabled leaders in local areas to meet together to pray, share ideas and be part of a wider community. 

If you would be interested in being part of a cluster group that exists in your area, or you’d like to start a new one, get in touch!

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From time to time, Scripture Union organises events for leaders from a number of local schools together. You will receive details of those happening in your area.

Scripture Union also organises events for pupils either from schools across Northern Ireland or from a number of local schools together. You will receive details of those relevant to your group.

Making Your Mark

A Secondary SU event, Making Your Mark, is our annual pupil leadership conference. It is a weekend of training for Senior pupils helping them to feel part of the SUNI family, whilst providing teaching on leadership development, top–tips on leading and practical help as they look to the year ahead.

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The purpose of SHINE is to EQUIP Christian young people to live for God at school and to allow Non Christian pupils the opportunity to EXPLORE the Christian faith for themselves.

It is a partnership project happening across the UK & Ireland. We are partnering with; Crown Jesus Ministries, LMI, SU England & Wales, SU Scotland & SU Ireland to make this happen.

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A joint partnership between Scripture Union Northern Ireland and Crown Jesus Ministries, Shine Kids is designed to be a missional outreach programme, whose aim is to help children meet Jesus through the Bible and share Jesus with their friends. Complete with weekly session scripts, videos and powerpoints, SU leaders are equipped and encouraged to give pupils space to pray for, plan and prepare an outreach event during the course of the programme. This could take the form of an SU session at lunchtime, after school or an SU led assembly. This resource is completely free and accessible by clicking below.

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This is a local E3 initiative seeking to bring local schools to ‘do SU together’. It will look different in each context and area and for more information on what it looks like where you are, please get in contact with the appropriate person from our E3 Page.

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SU Connect

SU CONNECT is an opportunity for SU leaders to run a 90 minute SU programme between themselves and other SU groups in your area.

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