Scripture Union, Northern Ireland

I’m going to Making Your Mark

What information do you ask for?

When you register for Making Your Mark, you and your parent/guardian will apply via Eventbrite giving your name, email address, home address, home phone number, age, date of birth, school, year in school, health information, dietary requirements, parental permission, two emergency names and contact details, a billing address and bus information. (For more information on Eventbrite see our Third Parties section)

Why do you need this information?

This information enables us to keep in touch with you before and after the weekend, to plan the event well (putting you into groups and arranging accommodation etc) and then to make sure that you are healthy and well fed throughout the weekend. For example, if you don’t tell us that you are allergic to dairy products then you might arrive at the weekend and find there isn’t anything on the breakfast menu which you can eat. If we need to get in touch with someone during the weekend, then your emergency contact details will give us the information we need to do that.

Who do you tell my information to?

The staff member running the event has access to all the information you give us via Eventbrite, and uses it to plan, run and follow up on the event. Your information is only shared with other staff, leaders and teachers as necessary. For example, those doing the catering will need to know about any foods you can’t eat, and the person in charge of first aid will be given a list of any participants with health issues so that you stay well throughout the weekend. We don’t share your personal information with other participants.

How do you look after my information?

Before the event, only one passworded staff member can access all the information from the Eventbrite website. They will download this onto a spreadsheet on their encrypted, passworded computer to be used in planning the event, and to ensure we have access to emergency contact details throughout the event. The list of health issues will be kept securely by the first aider during the weekend.

What do you do when MYM is over?

Once MYM is over and we have been in touch to get your feedback and tell you of any other upcoming events (if you have given your consent for this), we won’t be doing anything more with your information, so we don’t need to keep it any longer. About 3 months after the event, the spreadsheet on the staff computer will be deleted, and Eventbrite will be asked to delete all the personal information relating to the event as well. A copy of the spreadsheet with all the information will be archived onto our encrypted server because the people who provide our insurance cover ask us to keep these records for at least 50 years. Only passworded staff with data responsibilities can access this information once it has been archived – however unless there is a legal reason to do so, they will not be looked at again. The health information list used by the first aider during MYM will be securely destroyed (burnt or shredded) once the event is over.


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