Scripture Union, Northern Ireland

I’m attending a mission

What information do you ask for?

When you register for a mission, your parent/guardian will fill in an online form giving us your name, date of birth, year at school, address(es), details of any information we might need about your health or special needs, your parent/guardian’s name and email, two emergency contact details, and a record of whether or not your parent/guardian gives you permission to walk home alone and permission to have your photograph/video taken and used in SU publicity.    We use the JotForm platform for mission registration (see our Third parties section for more information on JotForm).  

Why do you need this information? 

We need this information to run an enjoyable, safe mission – to make sure we have enough space for everyone who wants to come, to put you into groups, to plan activities, and to make sure we know who can walk home on their own and who has to wait for a parent/guardian.  By giving us information about any health issues or special needs we can make sure you stay well and enjoy taking part in as much as possible –for example, it’s’ good for a leader to be aware that you might need inhalers when we go out to play games; if we know that you find it easier to read something printed on a particular colour of paper then we might be able to copy your activity sheet that way.  If we need to phone someone while you’re at the mission, then we will use the emergency contact details.  Many missions will also use the information on the registration forms to make Attendance Cards to check you in and out of each session during the mission.  Only your name will be on the Attendance Cards.

Who do you tell my information to?

The Team and Section leaders will have access to the Registration forms and keep them securely.  Section leaders will need to have a list of any names and possible health issues (for example, who can’t eat nuts, who might need inhalers) of any children in their section.  Team and Section leaders will only share information if they need to – for example telling your own group leader that you’re allergic to nuts.  They won’t share your personal information with other children or their parents/guardians.  Any Attendance Cards will be used by your group leaders to keep a record of who comes to each session during the mission.

How do you look after my information?

Forms are held securely by JotForm and can only be accessed by relevant staff and the appropriate mission team or section leaders.  During the mission your Section leader will keep printouts of relevant information with them in a secure place, so that they can phone your parent/guardian at any time if they need to do so.

What do you do when the mission is over?

Once the mission is over and any follow up is completed, we won’t be doing anything more with your information.  Your team leader will send any hard copies of personal information to SUNI.  Copies of all the Registration forms will be saved to our secure server.  We don’t use your information any more, but each year’s forms are archived (that means stored for a long time in a secure place) because the people who provide our insurance cover ask us to keep these records for many years.  Unless there is a legal reason to do so, they will not be looked at again.  The Team Leader will bring any Attendance Cards to the SUNI office.  We keep them locked in the office, and then about once a year they are taken to a place called Morgan Document Security (for more information on Morgans see our Third parties section) to be stored securely for at least 50 years and then destroyed.  We will then ask JotForm to delete all the forms when the summer is over.  


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