Scripture Union, Northern Ireland

I’m a Camps & Missions Volunteer

What information do you ask for? 

When you apply for a team you will fill in your name, date of birth, address, phone number, church, occupation, school, NI number, relevant medical details, emergency contact details, contact details for referees, information about your spiritual life, experiences, skills & expectations, hoody size, information on criminal convictions, Access NI case ID number and your affirmation of SUNI’s statement of ethos, and SU’s Aims, Beliefs and Working Principles.  We will also receive references from your referees, and we may make noteson any conversations we have with you during the application process.  We may hold information from/copies of the documents you show us for Access NI ID checking in line with Access NI regulations.  If you are under 18 we will also ask for a parent/guardian to fill in a permission slip.

Why do you need this information?

We need this information to keep in touch with you about the team you have applied for and related events and training.  We also need this information to ensure the suitability of our volunteers as they represent us as a Christian organisation, and for safeguarding purposes.  We need emergency contacts and medical details to make sure that our volunteers stay well on teams and in case of an emergency.  Telling us about your experiences and skills helps us to use your abilities on the team.  If you have consented, then we will also use your contact details to keep in touch with you when the summer is over about the ongoing work of SUNI.  You can opt out of these mailings at any time.

Who do you share my information with and how is it kept secure? 

Your web application form when you apply for a team can only be accessed by passworded staff and checkers.  They are securely stored on our volunteer website server.  You will also submit information to Access NI for an enhanced check.  As the Registered Body we will check that information against the ID which you show us.  We will hold copies of this ID in a locked filing cabinet.   Once your application has been accepted and you have been allocated to a team, your team leader will be able to see the basic information they need to be able to keep in touch about the team and keep you safe and well on the team.  You will also have given some bank details to SagePay when you paid your registration fee on line.  You may also choose to join a WhatsApp or similar group relating to the camp or mission you are involved with and we may also use TextMagic for communicating with summer volunteers.  After the summer, if you consent to receiving general mailings from SUNI then your contact details will be held securely on the Filemaker database on our secure, encrypted server and it will only be accessed by relevant, passworded staff to send you relevant mailings.  We use MailChimp to send out regular mailings: your name and email address are uploaded via their website each time we send out a mailing. (For more information on our volunteer website, Access NI, Filemaker, SagePay, Mailchimp, TextMagic and WhatsApp, see our Third parties section).

For how long to you retain my data?

Web application forms are archived to our secure server on a regular basis where they can only be accessed by passworded staff: for insurance purposes we must hold this information for at least 50 years, but unless there is a legal reason to do so this information will not be accessed by us again.  If you apply for a team next year you will be able to retrieve some of your information from this year’s form when you log in again.  Copies of documents used for ID checking will be retained in line with Access NI guidelines and then securely destroyed.  If you consent to receive general mailings from SUNI your information will be on Filemaker until you indicate that you are no longer involved with SUNI.


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