Scripture Union, Northern Ireland

I’m going to an inter–schools event

What information do you ask for? 

If you are going to an event like SU Connect or if you are travelling to an event like UNITE on a bus we have organised, then you may need to ask your parent/guardian to fill in a permission slip.  Sometimes permission slips will come to us, sometimes your school will organise these.  These would normally have your name, any relevant medical information, emergency contact details and the relevant permission from your parent/guardian (e.g. to attend the event, or to travel to the event on a bus SUNI has organised).

 Why do you need this information?

We need this information to ensure that you are allowed to be at the event or to travel on the bus and to keep you safe and well while you’re there.

 Who do you share my information with? 

This information will be held on a need to know basis by those running the event or organising the transport and will not be shared with other people.

 How do you look after my information? 

Permission slips are kept securely filed by staff members until the event is over.  For insurance purposes, sometimes a list of the people who came to the event may be filed on our secure, encrypted server.

How long do you keep my information?

Once the event is over, we don’t need to use your information anymore.  Permission slips are securely shredded on an annual basis.  Any lists of participants are archived on our server.  Only passworded staff with data responsibilities would have access to these lists, and they would only be accessed again for legal reasons.


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